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Previous versions are available for download here.


What's new in v3.00?

Major new changes in version 3.00
  • Download EMBEDDED images (not just thumbnailed images as in earlier versions)

  • NEW filter toolbar buttons let you quickly select between
    • "Thumbnailed images only" - images that link to larger images on another page
    • "Embedded images only" - images displayed on the web page
    • "All images" - Thumbnailed and Embedded images

  • Support for URL "Range Specifiers" (Fusker style links)
    • Load multiple sequentially numbered pages automatically by using "range specifiers" in URLs
      A range specifier is of the form [from-to], where from and to are numbers or letters.

      e.g. To load all pages in a multi page web gallery where the page URLs are,,

      You would use the URL:[1-99].html

    • Range specifiers can be used to quickly build images lists

  • DRAG and DROP support
    • Drag URLs, links and files directly into BID or BID Queue Manager (supports IE, FireFox and Chrome)
    • new floating Drop Targets for BID and BID Queue Manager
    • BID and the Queue Manager now have "Stay on Top" options - useful when dragging links directly into the applications.
      Use this together with BID's "Append to existing links" to quickly combine multiple gallery links into a single download batch.

  • GOOGLE CHROME support
    • Install the BID Google Chrome Extension to add a BID button to the Chrome toolbar.
      This button allows you to Open the current page with BID, Send the current page to the Queue Manager, or Open the current page with the BID Link Explorer.
    • Open links with BID or the Queue Manager by dragging them into the new BID and Queue Manager Drop Targets.
    • BID can now read Google Chrome cookies (configure via BID Configuration page)
  • PLUS many other internal improvements
Complete change list is below:
What's new in [21 July 2010]
  •  updated support for

What's new in [16 July 2010]
  • HTML analyzing and processing is now about 2.6x faster than previous version (great for large galleries with thousands of images).
  • update
  • Current download speed is displayed in bottom right corner of screen
  • Minor UI updates
What's new in [9 July 2010]
  • Opera 10.6 context menu support updated ("link target" menu items would not send link URL to BID)
  • facebook album support updated. Multi page galleries working again.
  • support for multi page myspace albums.
  • improved imagevenue support (some filenames would not download correctly)
  • updated support for,,,,
  • support added for (full sized images and multi page galleries)
  • improved detection of multi page galleries
  • improved redirection support of malformed URLs
What's new in [18 June 2010]
  • improved https handling
  • support for
  • improved javascript gallery support
  • improved redirection resolution
What's new in [12 June 2010]
  • Fixed error when selecting 'retry jobs' in the Queue Manager
What's new in [11 June 2010]
  • new flickr preferred image size option (original, large, medium or small) - see Advanced Config "Images"
  • updated support for fotocommunity (multi page galleries)
  • imagefap filename extraction was not working for .png files (fixed)
What's new in [4 June 2010]
  • support for lightbox galleries
  • updated support for,
What's new in [21 Mayl 2010]
  • improved multi page gallery support (e.g. forums)
  • fixed error in Queue Manager when selecting 'Retry Jobs'
  • fixed error on startup which might occur on some PCs

What's new in [29 April 2010]
  • added support for,,
  • fixed redirect resolution problem introduced in 3.09
  • Improved forum attachment detection
  • Improved support for non standard web servers

What's new in [23 April 2010]
  • Improved flickr support
  • Added 'Disable "Close when download complete" when downloading selected images'option to Advanced Config.
    This stops BID closing is the 'close when download complete' option is enabled and the 'Download Selected' option is being used.
  • support for "Web Album Generator" generated galleries
  • support for galleries
  • support for livejournal galleries
  • updated support for yahoo image search
What's new in [16 April 2010]
  • flickr update (images on 'favorite' pages were not always detected correctly)
  • multi page gallery update
  • some issues fixed

What's new in [9 April 2010]
  • Added support for videos
  • Added support for
  • Added "Save gallery URL shortcut in download folder" to Advanced Config -> General
    Enable this to create an internet shortcut file in the download folder linking to the gallery page.
  • Added "Disable Unicode characters in file and folder names" to Advanced Config -> General.
    Enable this to replace any non ASCII Unicode characters with underscores.
    This can be useful if you use other software that does not fully support Unicode, such as IrfanView.
  • Fixed some issues with the selection rectangle in the list view.
What's new in [2 April 2010]
  • Youtube video downloading updated to support latest Youtube changes
  • loading of image list files improved
  • improved javascript processing
  • support added for,,
  • added new 'Multi Page Galleries' configuration to Advanced Configuration
    This allows users to configure BID to detect custom multi page galleries and download all pages automatically.
  • Fixed possible problem when ranged URLs used in .bidqueue files
  • improved 'Fusker' support. Additional parameters now supported in range specifiers:

    Items in curly brackets {} are optional

    ,s means skip FIRST value (use a blank)
    will skip number 1:

    The increment will default to 1 if not specified.

    'label' is a single letter name for the particular range variable, e.g. [A] or [B], etc.
    Use labels if you need to use the current range value elsewhere in the URL
    The range [5-10] is labelled 'A'
    [A] will be replaced with the current value of the range [5-10] when generating the list.

    You can add an optional offset to the label value as follows:

    where the [A] refers to the current value of the [1-10] range...

    This will produce:
What's new in [25 March 2010]
  • Opera 10.5 support (right click context menus working again)
  • flickr support updated. Original sized pictures now downloaded whenever possible even if link is hidden by flickr
  • BID would not launch correctly via the right click context menu when using IE on some sites
  • video support updated
  • improved automated multi page gallery detection (now works with more multi page gallery types)
  • improved redirection resolution
  • updated support for
  • support added for,
What's new in [12 Mar 2010]
  • support updated
  • improved redirection resolution
  • updated support for,,

What's new in [27 Feb 2010]
  • fixed possible issues when minimizing BID window
  • minor GUI update
What's new in [22 Feb 2010]
  • faster page loading
  • tube8 video download update
  • added support for
  • fixed some rare image indexing issues

What's new in [15 Feb 2010]
  • Updated to stop possible access violation when closing
  • Support for galleries
  • Some embedded images would not be detected correctly on certain pages (fixed)
What's new in [12 February 2010]
  • Quick fix for indexing problems with saved batches in
  • Fixed flicker in BID Link Explorer when filter active
What's new in [8 February 2010]
  • Minor GUI update to support "Windows Classic" theme
What's new in [7 February 2010]
  • Added support for
  • Updated support for + multi page gallery support
  • Added support for galleries
  • Fixed up some minor GUI issues when "Windows Classic" theme is used
  • Internal improvements
  • GUI improvements
  • Fixed possible image indexing problem when loading a saved batch file

What's new in BETA? [29 January 2010]
  • Image indexes would be reset after loading a saved .bidlist file (fixed)
  • Filter toolbar might not display correctly if Windows classic theme enabled (fixed)
  • Folder history now keeps last 20 folders (previously 10)
  • gallery2 support update (BID now works with
What's new in [22 January 2010]
  • Quick fix for possible authentication issues if wrong username/password entered
What's new in [22 January 2010]
  • Access Denied http errors were being incorrectly interepreted and would cause a login authentication prompt to appear.
  • Improved image scanning (less junk files will be classified as thumbnails)
  • Improved multi page scanning
  • support for rar files
  • New low disk space configuration setting
    (see Advanced Config->General->Cancel download if free disk space is below)
What's new in [18 January 2010]
  • Quicker start up
  • Opera integration update
  • Improved vbulletin forum image attachment handling
  • FireFox extension updated
What's new in [15 January 2010]
  • NEW "Generate Filenames Start Index" option (right click on the image list to select). Sets the start sequence number of generated file names.
  • updated flickr support to extract "hidden" large images where possible
  • processing speed now much faster

What's new in BETA? [11 January 2010]
  • 4chan multi page support update
  • support for zip files
  • improved image detection heuristics
What's new in [6 January 2010]
  • fixes all known issues indtroduced with 3.0.0.X
  • retry batches now only save remaining filtered images. Previously it would save all images (thumbnailed and embedded) which would cause a larger than expected image count to appear on the Queue Manager's retry list.
  • improved redirection handling
What's new in [31 December 2009]
  • Thumbnails were not being detected on some pages (fixed)
  • Processing of large image sets now more responsive
  • Queue Manager form resize issue fixed

What's new in [24 December 2009]
  • Fixed some minor translation issues
  • first non-beta release

What's new in BETA? [22 December 2009]
  • *NEW* Filter toolbar buttons (thumbnailed, embedded, all images) now display number of images of that type.
  • *NEW* Detailed/Small Thumbnail view
  • Link total now displays number of hidden links
  • Video download support updated
  • Better memory usage when loading javascript based sites
  • Image preview windows now appear in the windows task bar

What's new in BETA? [15 December 2009]
  • *NEW* Google CHROME extension
  • *NEW* Google Chrome support (chrome cookies can now be read by BID)
  • *NEW* BID Queue Manager option "Download to original saved batch folder". If enabled BID will use the original "save to" folder for saved batch files (batch files that  were sent from BID to the Queue Manager or saved by BID). If not enabled the download folder specified by the BID Queue Manager will be used instead.
  • *NEW* image type filters - display thumbailed only, embedded only or all images
  • Improved handling of password protected sites
  • Support for opening plain text files containing image links (one per line)

What's new in BETA? [7 December 2009]
- *NEW* BID Drop Box - Start the BID Drop Box via the Windows Start Menu
  Drag and drop URLs, files and links into the drop box to open with BID
  Google Chrome users: Use the drop box for simpler integration with BID
- flickr original image download now working on non-English version of site
- photobucket support update (search and multi page galleries)

What's new in BETA? [6 December 2009]
  • flickr support update (site changes prevented many pages from loading)

What's new in BETA? [4 December 2009]
  • *NEW* DRAG & DROP support for URLs and links (works with IE, FireFox, Chrome)
  • NEW Drop target for BID Queue Manager (drag links into the drop target to add them to the Queue Manager list)
    Right click on the BID Queue Manager tray icon and select 'Show Drop Target' to enable
  • Drag and drop URLs and links from your browser directly into BID, the BID Queue Manager or the BID Drop Target.
  • New 'Stay on Top' option for BID - this is useful when dragging links into BID. Use in conjunction with the 'Append to existing links' option to easily build up large lists of images for downloading.
  • New BID Queue Manager options to 'Start with Windows' and to 'Start Minimized'
    Useful when the Queue Manager drop target is being used.
  • multi page search result support
  • Ignore list not working correctly in some cases (fixed)
  • improved support for javascript based galleries

What's new in BETA? [30 November 2009]
  • Toggling ''thumbnailed images only' setting might close application if there were no images to display
  • Updated FireFox extension to support versions of FireFox up to 3.7
  • Fixed some translation issues

What's new in BETA? [30 November 2009]
  • Support for directly linked images on a page (not just thumbnailed images)
    Enable the "Thumbnailed images only" option (new button next to image count label) to display thumbnailed image links only (this was the previous default behaviour).
    Configure the image types desired via advanced config->Images to enable .gif and .png images.
  • Support for sequenced 'fusker' style URLs for image lists
    BID will generate the list of images,, etc.
  • Using a non image 'fusker' style URL will cause BID to load all matching pages before scanning for images:
    BID will load and scan each matching page for images, i.e.,, etc.
  • New option to automatically delete images smaller than a certain size after downloading. Enable and configure this via Advanced Config->Images
  • flickr original image size download update

What's new in v2.22?

Changes in [21 November 2009]
  • Support for discounted "LITE Single User Licenses". Similar to a standard license but disables the BID Queue Manager, BID Link Explorer and gallery export feature. 
  • improved thumbnail gallery detection heuristics
  • support update
  • youtube HD video support update


What's new in v2.20?

Changes in [30 October 2009]
  • youtube video download update
  • redtube video download update
  • dailymotion video download update
  • sharenxs update
  • Updated gallery2 support (multipage, full sized image download)
  • added support for

What's new in v2.19?

Changes in [19 October 2009]
  • Support for,,
  • Support for albums
  • Improved resuming of partial image downloads

What's new in [16 October 2009]
  • update
  • picasa web album update
  • yahoo groups multi page album update
  • sites not supporting resuming downloads (like imagebam) could cause corrupt image downloads (fixed)
  • videos were not being detected on some sites when BID launched via right-click menu
  • Saving a batch now also saves duplicate file handling method (skip/overwrite/rename)

What's new in [12 October 2009]
  • updated support for danbooru
  • updated support for
  • support for,,,,, and more

What's new in BETA [2 October 2009]
  • updated support for imagehaven
  • support for galleries (multi page, full sized images)
    (note that you should set max download threads to 2 for this site as the server limits the number of image downloads)

What's new in v2.18?

Another quick maintenance update to correct issues introduced by 2.17. We apologise for any inconvenience.
Important: Changes have been made to the internal image detection heuristics to reduce the number of "junk" images (banners, ads, etc) that are detected when BID scans a page. If you find that BID no longer detects images from certain galleries where it worked before please send us the gallery URLs asap! :)
Changes in [28 September 2009]?
  • updated flickr support
  • support for galleries
  • support for galleries
  • "Export Gallery" now allows export of selected images only
  • "ignore list" not working correctly in some cases (fixed)
  • BID FireFox extension updated (open link target would open current page)
  • https support improved

What's new in v2.17?

This is a quick maintenance update to correct issues introduced by
Important: Changes have been made to the internal image detection heuristics to reduce the number of "junk" images (banners, ads, etc) that are detected when BID scans a page. If you find that BID no longer detects images from certain galleries where it worked before please send us the gallery URLs asap! :)
Changes in [21 September 2009]?
  • flickr support updated (some pages failed to load)
  • deviantart support updated (multi page search would load too many pages)
  • google groups support updated
  • FireFox 3.5 cookie support updated
  • BID FireFox extension updated (some pages would fail to launch BID from right click menu)
  • Some multi page galleries would not load correct pages
  • Opera integration update

What's new in v2.16?

Important: Changes have been made to the internal image detection heuristics to reduce the number of "junk" images (banners, ads, etc) that are detected when BID scans a page. If you find that BID no longer detects images from certain galleries where it worked before please send us the gallery URLs asap! :)
Changes in [18 September 2009]?
  • yahoo groups update
  • picasa web album update
  • myspace photo album update
Changes in [16 September 2009]? 
  • metacafe video update
  • youtube video update
  • google video update
  • added support for
  • png images now supported
  • fixed multi page forum thread download issue with IE and vbulletin boards
  • new Tagalog translation (thanks to Anton Alfredo)
Changes in [14 September 2009]? 
  • imagevenue update (BID might have loaded incorrect image in some cases)
  • flickr update (BID might have loaded small images in some cases)
  • pixhost update
  • added support for images
  • image heuristics changed to reduce "junk" images (banners, adverts etc)



What's new in v2.15?

Changes [11 September 2009]
  • Automatic image link derivation added for imagehaven (no redirection lookups required)
  • Italian translation updated
  • Polish translation updated

Changes in [9 September 2009]
  • Added new "Only resolve redirect links at download time' option to Advanced Config->Redirect Links
    Normally BID will resolve all redirection links immediately after a page is loaded. The problem with this is that some redirection "services" (like urlcash) will ban you IP if too many lookups are performed within a short space of time. To reduce the chances of your IP being banned this option will cause BID to perform the lookup just before it attempts to download the full sized image. For best results you may also need to reduce the number of simulateneous downloads.
  • Added automatic link derivation for cocoimage images
Changes in [7 September 2009]
  • Improved redirection resolution
    Some redirection "services" like urlcash block a user's IP if there are too many redirection lookups within a certain period. To minimise this problem BID can now derive the full sized image link directly from the thumbnailed image without having to resolve the redirection link. This works for the following image hosts:
    imagevenue, imagefap, imagebam, hotlinkimage, picfoco, pixhost, upmyphoto, imagehaven, cocoimage
    (Make sure the "Don't follow redirect links..." option is enabled in Advanced Config->Redirect Links).
  • Links were not extracted correctly on some web sites (fixed)
Changes in [4 September 2009]
  • Opera 10 integration update
  • google/yahoo image search framed pages now scanned correctly

Changes in [2 September 2009]
  • support for yahoo image search
  • support for galleries
  • updated support for and
  • added support for multi page galleries (select thumbnail view)
  • added support for galleries
  • fixed possible problem with URLs containing spaces
  • Spanish translation updated
  • fixed rare bug that might cause image not to be saved due to invalid characters in filename

What's new in v2.14?

Changes in [28 August 2009]?
  • fixed rare bug that might cause image not to be saved due to invalid characters in filename
  • Updated support for bayimg galleries
Changes in [26 August 2009]? 
  • include/ignore/redirect lists now support simple "must contain" or "must not contain" substring matching.
    Many users find regular expressions hard to understand so now BID allows for simple substring matching.

    If a link must include a certain string use the form
    <url must include this>
    e.g. <>
    (only links containing "" will match)

    If a link must exclude a certain string use the form
    <!url must exclude this>
    e.g. <!something=1>
    (only links that don't contain "something=1" will match).

    These may be combined together - all must be true for a link to be matched.
    e.g. To match URLs containing "wantthis=1" and "alsowantthis=2" that don't contain "unwanted=1":

    A normal regular expression can follow, e.g. example above but URL must end with "test=1"
  • fixed some possible issues with URLs containing the + character
  • support for
  • support for galleries
  • updated javascript processing
  • updated pornhub support
Changes in [22 August 2009]?
  • flickr support updated (BID might have downloaded the wrong image on some pages)
  • deviantart multi page gallery support update
  • less CPU usage when analyzing/processing image links
  • saving an image from the preview will now prompt user to confirm overwriting of files

Changes in [21 August 2009]?
  • Support for flash (swf) files from deviantart
  • Some JPG images with non standard headers were not being downloaded correctly (fixed)
Changes in [19 August 2009]?
  • Support for facebook albums (multi page)
  • Support for myspace albums (multi page)
  • Support for galleries (multi page)
  • Support for galleries (multi page)
  • Support for galleries(multi page)
  • New Browser Integration config added to "Advanced Configuration".
    BID menu items can now be selectively enabled/disabled and optionally grouped within a fly out sub-menu (to reduce the popup menu size). The Sub-Menu option is only available for Opera and FireFox. FireFox users must upgrade their BID FireFox extension to to support this new feature.
  • Cached images might be saved with the wrong filename (fixed)
  • Improved cookie support


What's new in v2.13?

What's new in [14 August 2009]?

  • support for added
  • sharenxs full sized image download
  • added "Reset Configuration to default" option (BID menu)
  • added support for
  • png files were not being downloaded from flickr correctly (fixed)
  • Improved Javascript/ajax web page support
  • some forum attachments were not being detected when BID was launched directly from IE (fixed)
  • BID would incorrectly detect "next page" links on some web pages (fixed)
  • Possible incorrect image skipping when "Generate Filenames" used (fixed)
  • some graphical page elements were being misidentified as image links on some pages (fixed)
  • fixed some Unicode issues in Advanced Configuration)
  • Finnish translation updated

What's new in
  • dailymotion video support updated
  • Fixed some issues with loading .bidlist files via Windows Explorer
  • Saving a batch file did not save the "Generate Filename" method selected (fixed)
  • flickr search update (better multi page support)


What's new in v2.12?

What's new in [5 August 2009]?

  • flickr search update (better multi page support)

What's new in [5 August 2009]?
  • improved redirection resolution
  • fixed some possible "hangs" when downloading images from certain sites

What's new in [3 August 2009]?
  • multi page gallery support
  • yahoo groups photos support
  • support added
  • imagedoza support added
  • vbulletin multi page thread loading updated
  • flickr support updated
  • improved Japanese translation

What's new in v2.11?

What's new in [31 July 2009]?

  • Quick bug fix release (if you downloaded please download and upgrade!) 
  • Fixes possible hang when downloading some images
  • Fixes some new flickr download issues


What's new in [31 July 2009]?

  • introduced some possible problems with multi page gallery detection when using Internet Explorer - these have all been corrected
  • Fixed possible hang when loading google image search galleries
  • Updated smugmug support.
    Switch the smugmug gallery view style to "All Thumbs" (gallery style is at top right of smugmug page) mode from your browser to enable BID to detect the images. To get the "Original" sized images preview an image from within your browser and change the preferred image size to "Original". Then re-open the gallery page with BID to get the "Original" links.
  • Support for
  • Video filenames were not extracted correctly on some sites
  • "Include List" (advanced config) now allows for regular expressions that match thumbnails - useful for sites that use generate the thumbnail on the fly. Prepend these "thumbnail" expressions with 2 asterisks
    e.g. **thumbnail\.php\?id\=

What's new in v2.10?

What's new in [27 July 2009]?

  • Source code of page is now sent directly from the browser to BID when using "Open Current Page with BID". This means BID no longer needs to load the first page so scanning is much quicker, and it also solves the problem of pages that BID has trouble loading due to authentication issues (such as blogspot blogs with content warnings).
    * IE and Opera will both be updated to support this feature automatically.
    * FireFox users must upgrade their BID FireFox extension to to support this new feature. (not available for Windows 9x, ME)
  • Support for (full sized images and multi page galleries)
  • Support for snapfish albums
  • Support for (set max dl threads to 1 for these galleries)
  • Support for fotocommunity (including multi page galleries)
  • BID maximized status now saved along with window size and position
  • Fixed some Unicode dialog issues with Vista
  • New JAPANESE translation (thanks to Tilt)


What's new in v2.09?

What's new in [20 July 2009]?

  • Advanced config Include list now supports regular expressions that can assist BID in finding the real full sized image on a web page. Prefix these special expressions with an asterisk (*). e.g. if the image is generarated by php code such as
    You would add the following line to the "Include List":
    This would force BID to load this link as the image instead of other image files on the web page.
  • Max download threads increased to 4 for unregistered trial version
  • Improved redirection resolution
  • Fixed some Unicode display issues with non English versions
  • Fixed some pop up tutorial message issues.

What's new in [17 July 2009]?

  • important imagevenue update (recent changes at imagevenue could prevent BID from downloading certain images - upgrade to solve this)

What's new in [17 July 2009]?
  • Gelbooru png image issue fixed
  • Added "BID Users Guide" help button to link to online BID users guide
  • Users Guide PDF no longer included in installation to reduce size
  • Some first-time installation pop-up tutorial tweaks    

What's new in v2.08?

What's new in [14 July 2009]?

  • FireFox 3.5 support (will now work with sites that use cookies for authentication)
  • Gelbooru png images now downloaded in full size
  • Added new download and save batch buttons
  • Fixed issue with google groups image download

What's new in [13 July 2009]?

  • Support for sites that generate content dynamically using JavaScript (see Advanced Configuration->JavaScript Sites). Adding sites to the new "JavaScript Sites" list will force BID to process all JavaScript when loading the pages from such sites.

What's new in [10 July 2009]?

  • Updated support for blogspot blogs with content warnings
  • Added support for "View on Black" flickr images
  • Support for motivatedphotos multi page scanning
  • Trial version now limited to max 2 simultaneous downloads (Max Download Threads)

What's new in [6 July 2009]?

  • NEW "Download Selected" option to download just the selected images.
    Hold down the shift key while clicking on the "Download" button or press Shift+F9 to download selected images only.
  • New popup tutorial will appear for first time users
  • Updated support for danbooru
  • BID Link Explorer updated to be cookie aware (will now work with sites that use cookies for authentication)


What's new in v2.07?

What's new in [1 July 2009]

  • BID FireFox extension updated to support FireFox 3.5

What's new in [29 June 2009]:
  • added support for uaimage
  • support for newstoob
  • support for,
  • updated redirection resolution
  • fixed password protected site issue
  • corrected some problems with Swedish translation
What's new in [22 June 2009]:
  • gelbooru style multiple page support added
  • imagehaven support updated


What's new in v2.06?

As of version, unregistered (trial) installations of BID will now work for a 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD, with ALL FEATURES ENABLED and NO LIMITATIONS.

What's new in

  • Fixed issue with too long filenames preventing images from being saved
  • Updated support for imageshack
  • https:// page loading now supported


What's new in

  • Fixed issue with trial not working correctly after upgrading BID


What's new in

  • Added support for picasa albums
  • Updated support for bayimg
  • support for pbase original sized images
  • Fixed issue with max download threads being forced to 2 in trial version 


What's new in

  • Fix for urlcash redirection resolution
  • deviantart support improved (now also supports collections & multi page galleries)
    (to be able to download content that requires login please use FireFox 3, login and then launch BID directly from within FireFox using the BID FireFox extension).
  • google image search support added
  • flickr spaceballed images now downloaded correctly.
  • support for
  • support for full sized images
  • Swedish translation improved (thanks to Kenneth Hendriksson)
  • new Hebrew translation (thanks to Dudi)


What's new in v2.05?

BID now supports VIDEO DOWNLOADING from the following sites:

  • YouTube (with HD download support)
  • Google Video
  • DailyMotion (with HD download support)
  • MetaCafe
  • MegaVideo (with HD download support)
  • YouPorn
  • PornHub
  • RedTube
  • Tube8
  • MegaPorn


What's new in

  • Added support for deviantart (search/browse)
  • Fixed some rare URL decoding issues that would prevent downloading on a few sites.
  • Some minor UI improvements
  • UTF-8 encoding issues in log file fixed
  • Improved redirection resolution

What's new in

  • Added support for imagearn
  • Added support for DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Megavideo, MegaPorn, PornHub videos
    Configure DailyMotion, MegaVideo, MegaPorn download preference (HD, HQ etc) via Advanced Configuration->Video
  • BID will now prompt you to save the current batch if you try to close BID while some files have not yet been downloaded. (Turn this off via Advanced Configuration->General-> Prompt to save batch on exit)
  • Unregistered version limits number of videos in batch to 2
  • BID Queue command line :
    To Start the Queue: "BIDQueueAddURL.exe START"
    To Stop the Queue: "BIDQueueAddURL.exe STOP"
    To add a saved Queue to the current Queue: "BIDQueueAddURL.exe <filename.bidqueue>"
    To add a URL to the current Queue: "BIDQueueAddURL.exe <url>"
    The START/STOP commands could be useful when used with the Windows Scheduler to begin downloading at a certain time.
  • New Norwegian translation (thanks to E. Bjerkeseth)
  • Improved Arabic translation (thanks to Ahmed Alaradi)
  • Improved Turkish translation (thanks to Harun Genc)
  • Translation files (default.po) updated with new English text and ready for translation

What's new in

  • Filenames now extracted from web pages for supported video sites
  • Resuming of broken video file downloads improved
  • Fixed Unicode filename issue with some video sites
  • Column widths are now saved when resized
  • Improved handling of .png and .gif thumbnailed images

What's new in

  • Added support for VIDEO downloading from the following sites: 
    YouTube, Google Video, YouPorn, Tube8, RedTube
    Configure YouTube download preference (Standard, HD etc) via Advanced Configuration->Video
  • Image index numbers displayed
  • Added cache control options, and cache delete function
    (see Advanced Config->General)
  • Fixed rare possible invalid filename problem with some galleries.
  • Fixed 'invalid pidl' error that might occur on some PCs
  • Export gallery "thumbnails per row" max increased to 99999999


What's new in v2.04? [17 April 2009]

  • imagebam support updated.
  • improved javascript processing
  • support for added
  • support for imagecargo added
  • support for imagebam updated
  • support for danbooru image boards added (multi page galleries, original images downloaded)
  • Redirection resolution code updated and improved
  • Closing a BID window that is in auto mode will now just hide it. Use the Queue Manager to cancel the job.
  • Standard BID window size is now smaller to better support systems running large fonts.
  • fixed some unicode decoding issues [1 April 2009]
  • Corrected display issues when Windows "large fonts" used
  • Updated support for latest photobucket album changes [27 March 2009]  
  • FireFox Only:
    BID can now read "HTTP Only" cookies used by some web sites to authenticate members or to store temporary user preferences. This means BID will now work with blogs that have content warnings, and other similar web sites and forums.
    (This only works with FireFox at the moment. Please use FireFox if you have problems with such web sites). 
  • Made some changes to try and prevented "debugger detected" message when BID is running in a virtual environment.


What's new in v2.03? [23 March 2009]
  • Fixed bug that might cause BID to save images in the folder BID was launched from or save files with just the file extension.
  • Updated gallery2 support
  • improved javascript processing
  • support for added (note that this site only allows one image to be downloaded at a time so BID will adjust itself accordingly)
  • support for galleries added
  • support for added
  • improved heuristics (will now work automatically on even more sites)
  • Toolbar button size reduced
  • Clean up list/Clear List buttons are back
  • Fixed some unicode decoding issues
  • Updated Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations


What's new in v2.02? [1 March 2009]
  • IMPORTANT compatibility update to fix possible image validation errors. These errors could prevent BID from downloading images on some PCs ("Possibly Corrupt File" errors would result). All BID 2.x users should upgrade as soon as possible.

What's new in v2.01? [24 February 2009]
  • Software protection updated to try to prevent lock-ups/access violations when starting BID on some PCs [23 February 2009]
  • Fixed issues with directory selection and auto completion
  • Very long image filenames and download folder names would prevent images from being saved due to Windows filename length limits. BID now automatically shortens filenames when required to work around this problem.
  • Issues with Generate Filename method not saving last selection fixed.
  • Portuguese translation updated
  • Fixes remaining known issues caused by the new Unicode support introduced in

What's new in v2.00? [15 February 2009]
  • Generating filenames with filename prefix no longer adds an underscore (works like BID 1.xx)
    (Add an underscore to the end of the prefix if you require an underscore.)
  • Filename prefix is now saved between sessions.
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation updated [13 February 2009]
  • Fixed problem with Delete key not working properly on URL/Page Title field on XP
  • BID Queue Manager URL entry problems when pressing Enter fixed
  • Fixed some typos in documentation [12 February 2009]
  • Major user interface update
  • Full Unicode support
  • BID User's Guide now ships with the installer (please read it!)
  • New BID Link Explorer (extract and queue up multiple gallery links from gallery index pages)
  • Thumbnail view updated to display more thumbnails on screen
  • Generate filenames now allows for numbered prefixes (001_name, 002_name, ...)
  • Improved detection and resolution of redirected links
  • Change language from the config screen (no need to reinstall)
  • Updated support for
  • Updated support for Imagebam
  • Many other under the hood improvements and tweaks


What's new in v1.41? [13 January 2009]
  • Support for Opera 10
  • improved image detection heuristics
  • fixed some issues with KVM
  • New Arabic translation - thanks to WizardblizzarD [22 December 2008]
  • Updated to support latest imageshack changes [19 December 2008]
  • Fixed problem with some safesearch filtered flickr galleries
  • Updated to support latest imagefap changes


What's new in v1.40? [12 December 2008]
  •  Recompiled to stop AVG "Win32/Heur"false positive virus report. [10 December 2008]
  • All executables and installation files are now code-signed by "Antibody Software Limited". Please be wary of applications claiming to be BID that were not downloaded from or other trusted sites, as they may contain trojans, spyware or other malware.
  • reduced registration nag screen reminder time maximum from 90 to 30 secs
  • Improved imagebam processing, cuts through usercash redirection blocks.
  • Improved 'extra large' image link detection
  • fixed imagefap issue with some images never completing the download
  • Some redirection resolutions would fail if BID was launched from the browser's right click menu - fixed.
  • some flicker images were not saved with correct filenames

What's new in v1.39? [8 November 2008]
  • Official 1.39 non beta release [7 November 2008]
  • Redirection resolution greatly improved. This means BID now works better with redirection heavy sites like,, etc.
  • BID can also handle multiple redirects (e.g. usercash to linkbucks to ... etc) [2 November 2008]
  • Redirection issues with some usercash/imagevenue galleries fixed. Such galleries would use a separate set of imagevenue thumbnails and a usercash redirection link to a 'different' full sized image. BID would previously construct the full sized image link from the thumbnail without following the redirect which would cause it not to find the real image. [1 November 2008]
  • BID will now use the full sized images filename instead of the thumbnail filename when dealing with full sized images embedded within a page.
  • Support for
  • Full sized image preview now shrinks the image to fit your screen if required. Click on the image to toggle full size/shrink to fit display.
  • Queue Manager now auto saves current queue, and restores it on startup
  • Queue Manager icon displays a pause symbol when queue is disabled
  • FireFox extension 1.39 updated with all supported translations [30 October 2008]
  • Improved redirect resolution
  • Possible problem with imagefap filename extraction generating an invalid filename fixed [29 October 2008]
  •  ImageFap image filenames now extracted from image display page and used when saving the image.
  •  Imagefap problem with very large galleries fixed
  • NEW Russian translation - thanks to Alexander Letunovsky
  • NEW Greek translation - thanks to Marios Kadas
  • NEW Latvian translation - thanks to Zile [20 October 2008]
  • BID now recognises and can download thumbnailed VIDEO files (linking to .mpg, .mpeg, .mpe, .avi, .mov and .mp4 files)
  • Cookies were not loaded properly from IE 7 when running on Vista in protected mode. This could prevent sites requiring a login from loading correctly from within BID. (fixed)
  • IE integration would use incorrect browser agent id. This could also prevent sites requiring a login from loading correctly. (fixed)
  • Possible Opera integration error message (fixed)


What's new in v1.38? 

  • BID will now correctly load pages from password protected forums if the user is logged in and BID is launched from the right click menu. Works with IE, Firefox and Opera. (FireFox requires BID extension 1.38 installed for this to work correctly)
  • Improved Opera browser integration
  • Queue Manager now displays the link text or page title of the item that has been queued directly from the browser.
  • BID Queue Manager 'Append to existing links' option added. If checked, loading a queue will append the items to the current list.
  • Fixed problem with trial version only allowing 1 instance instead of 2 (problem introduced in 1.37)
  • Possible error on install corrected
  • Possible crash on Queue Manager exit fixed.
  • Support updated for Webshots full sized images
  • New Croatian translation (thanks to DJoko)
  • New Czech translation (thanks to CZEbid)
  • New Galician translation (thanks to maelstormtv)
  • Improved Dutch translation (thanks to Harm)


What's new in v1.37? 

  • All BID settings now stored in AppData folder (allows BID to be run as non Administrator user)
  • Firefox 3 cookies now read correctly. This fixes some cookie authentication problems when using Firefox 3.
  • added support for cocopic,, imageflea
  • flickr update: 'buddy' icons downloaded instead of pics on some pages (fixed)
  • support for imagefoco, hotlinkimage updated
  • Updated to support latest imagefap changes (imagefap 'blank' image download problem fixed)
  • Very long folder names would cause save problems. Page Title is now truncated to prevent this problem.
  • Clicking on 'explorer' button now opens up the 'sub folder' you're busy downloading (if any), otherwise it opens the main download folder.
  • Vertical scrollbar behaviour improved
  • Image number displayed on image list
  • failed downloads retried immediately (no cycling of 'will retry')
  • Some images were prevented from being saved due to invalid characters in filename (fixed)
  • Improved image detection heuristics


What's new in v1.36? 

  • New BOSNIAN translation (thanks to Damir Blazevic)
  • Opera 9.5 compatibility update
  • support for albums added
  • support for webshots full sized image download
  • flickr update (some medium sized images were downloaded instead of largest/original)
  • ImageBeaver update (multi page gallery pages loaded, gallery title extracted)
  • improved redirect handling
  • support for galleries
    NB: This only works when gallery set to "All thumbs" style and BID is launched from Internet Explorer right click context menu. This does not work with Firefox/Opera yet. Set preferred image size to be downloaded as follows:
    - Click on the sumgmug thumbnail. After the image appears click on the 'Your preferred size' link underneath the image to select 'original' (or other)
    - Return to the thumbnail view by clicking on the gallery title.
    - Now launch BID by right clicking on the page and selecting 'Open current page with Bulk Image Downloader'.
  • BID screen position would change after using the Queue Manager
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to IE/Opera integration (English & German versions)
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press M = Open Current Page with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press Q = Enqueue Current Page with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press L = Open link target with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press G = Enqueue link target with BID
         (letters were picked that worked on both IE and Opera)
  • FireFox extension updated - fixed some FireFox 3 conflicts with other context menu items. Added access key shortcuts as below:
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press D = Open Current Page with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press Q = Enqueue Current Page with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press I = Open link target with BID
         Shift+F10 or Right Click, then press N = Enqueue link target with BID

What's new in v1.35? 

  • New Slovak translation (thanks to danield5400)
  • New Catalan translation (thanks to nar6)
  • Now supports Yahoo groups photos - downloads large size pics from multiple page galleries
  • flickr support updated
  • shareapic now loads full sized ("zoomed") images
  • some image names had spaces removed incorrectly
  • invalid 'next page' links were being identified on some pages.
  • some imagefap galleries were returning too many images due to frames being loaded incorrectly
  • improved referer handling
  • improved javascript parsing
  • Shortcut keys for all controls added (hover mouse over control to view shortcut key)
  • A rare problem with registration process fixed

What's new in v1.34? 

  • New Lithuanian translation (thanks to Rytis Kurauskas)
  • New Estonian translation (thanks to Tarvo)
  • New Danish translation (thanks to Johan)
  • support for imagefoco
  • Redirect links are no longer followed if it's possible to determine the full size image link from the thumbnail address (e.g. images hosted by imagevenue or imagefap). Some redirection sites (such as usercash) now block IP addresses that hit their servers too many times in a certain time period. This change will help prevent your IP from being blocked as BID will have fewer lookups to perform. This behaviour can be changed via "Configuration"-> "Advanced Configuration"->"Redirect Links"-> "Don't follow redirect links..."
  • multi select issues corrected. To select a range click on the first item, then scroll to the last item, hold shift and click on the last item.
  • Queue manager will no longer cause current application to lose focus when starting a new download job.
  • Queue manager summary was not being updated correctly.
  • Queue manager 'Add File(s) to Queue' button was incorrectly disabled
  • "bidiecom.dll" in use problem on update corrected.
  • fixed thumbnail to image conversion issues ( now works using this new method)
  • latest imagefap gallery changes supported
  • galleries now detected and downloaded correctly
  • BID was not always downloading the 'original' size from flickr - fixed
  • BID was not picking up all the images in very large imagefap galleries - fixed
  • BID will now automatically cancel the download if disk space is very low (< 100MB free)
  • When using the Queue Manager BID would sometimes display the error "Cancel download before scanning a new URL" - fixed
  • Disabling the Queue in the Queue Manager would cancel the current queued job - fixed.
  • Fixed some problems with Queued/Retry files

What's new in v1.33? 

  • new Dutch translation - thanks to Biebboek
  • new Indonesian translation - thanks to Noering
  • support for
  • flickr support updated
  • imageshack works again and returns original sized image
  • dependancy on embedded internet explorer removed - should stop "random" access violations after heavy downloading
  • Queue Manager was not saving settings correctly when closing
  • improved redirect handling

 What's new in v1.32? 

  • Handles latest imagefap changes that prevented multi page galleries from being downloaded.

What's new in v1.31? 

  • Chinese (traditional) translation - thanks to UMA
  • Improved redirect and frame handling.
  • Random exceptions on exit caused by embedded IE instance fixed

What's new in v1.30? 

  • French translation - thanks to rock_fort
  • Finnish translation - thanks to Erno Aalto
  • some changes to fix crashing on auto startup...
  • redirection problems introduced in 1.28 fixed
  • support for added

What's new in v1.29? 

  • New Portugueuse (European) translation - thanks to Diogo Conceição
  • New Chinese (Simpliflied) translation - thanks to Elix Diamond
  • Supports latest imagefap changes which caused thumbnails to be downloaded instead of full sized images
  • Flickr gallery support updated - now downloads original sized images if available
  • Support for Storm Factory image host added (now downloads full sized image)
  • Gallery detection heuristics updated


What's new in v1.28? 

  • Ukranian translation (thanks to Andrij Sosna)
  • futaba/wakaba boards (such as used on now scanned for multiple pages
  • full support for Coppermine galleries (now loads full sized images, multi page)
  • support for hotlinkimage added
  • Full support for sites using cookies to validate users (such as imagecrack)
    NB: BID must be launched via browser right-click menu for cookie information to be retrieved correctly. Works 100% on IE, FireFox (using extension 1.28). Unfortunately for Opera users this may not work for some sites due to some cookie information not being available via the integration interface.
  • support for imagecrack added
  • Support for png files
  • Installation now prompts user for language instead of using Windows system locale.
  • animated gifs will now animate when viewed
  • frame loading caused problems with some multipage galleries such as imagereverb, fixed.
  • images in some html table structures were not detected correctly, fixed.
  • very long page titles would cause an error when saving files, fixed
  • No more confirmation message when "adding to queue". Queue manager will now display a desktop alert to indicate a URL has been queued.
  • less flicker when thumbnail preview active
  • BID menu items on IE right click context menu might not appear on some PCs, fixed.
  • BID Firefox extension (1.28) updated to support FireFox 3, multiple language support based on FireFox locale.

What's new in v1.27? 

  • NEW Turkish translation (thanks to Ali Emre Hortacsu)
  • NEW Advanced Configuration options:
    - Ignore links list: Define links that should be ignored. Use when BID finds links that are not links to full sized image pages.
    - Include links list: Define links that should not be ignored. Use if BID does not identify a full sized image page link correctly.
    - Redirect links list: Define links that are redirects to be resolved. Use if you come across a new site that does redirections, such as imagecash.
    (All links are matched using "regular expressions")
    - Change "queue", "retry" and "log" folders.
  • Right click menu options to copy thumbnail and image URLs to clipboard. (Useful when updating the Ignore list)
  • Fixed problems with some Page Title folder names
  • BID Queue manager would wrap long URLs incorrectly


What's new in v1.26? 

  • Possible hang when processing pages containing unicode characters fixed
  • Improved image detection logic


What's new in v1.25? 

  • New Swedish translation (thanks to Kevin Freetime)
  • New Portuguese (Brazil) translation (thanks to BrunoTK)
  • New Italian translation (thanks to Moreno Bertazzo)
  • New Serbian translation
  • Support for flickr added (can download entire multipage flickr photo galleries and sets, uses image title as filename)
  • Support for imagewaste added
  • Page Title may now be edited (when saving to page title subfolder). Invalid characters ('<', '>', '*', '?', ':', '\', '/' ) will be replaced with an underscore (_) when creating the folder - hover mouse over page title to display the adjusted folder name that will be used when saving.
  • Queue Manager now allows for multiple URLs to be added to the list at once.
  • Queue Manager now allows for queued items to be sorted or moved to the top or bottom of the queue (new right click menu options)
  • retry batches no longer disabled if logging disabled
  • images now only cached while BID is active, and automatically deleted when BID is closed.
  • frame loading improved
  • various interface tweaks and improvements


What's new in v1.24? 

  • New SPANISH translation (thanks to victorg72™® =P)
  • improved redirect handling
  • fixed up Opera right click menu text for some translations
  • cache auto cleanup issues corrected


What's new in v1.23? 

  • Fixed up missing copy/paste right click menu on URL
  • new option to control filename generation (autodetect, always, never)
  • png thumbnails now displayed correctly
  • Some missing translations strings corrected
  • New GERMAN translation available (thanks to Thomas Staszak)
  • New POLISH translation available (thanks to Piotr Dygdalowicz)
  • possible exception on startup fixed 


What's new in v1.22? 

  • Support for multiple languages! If you can translate BID into another language we'll give you a free registration code. If you're interested, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll send you all the info you'll need to do the translation. We'll then make your translations available to other BID users.
  • New function to export images into code for copying and pasting into forums or html pages. If you've signed up to our affiliate program this is a very good way to generate referrals.
  • Possible image ordering problems when downloading multipage imagefap galleries corrected. Multiple imagefap page loading is now quicker too!
  • boxtheclown works again
  • support for 10pix
  • support for
  • can now handle linkbucks/urlcash redirect links
  • can now set max forum pages to load (config)


What's new in v1.21? 

  • fixed possible invalid image detection logic which would prevent certain images from being downloaded.
  • imagevenue filename cleanup improved
  • added explore button for easy access to selected download folder
  • now works on 64-bit Vista


What's new in v1.20? 

  • fixed possible misidentification of images
  • new option to disable multiple web forum page load
  • unique filename generation problems when loading from a file fixed
  • link analysis greatly sped up
  • some sites that stopped working with 1.18 working again
  • settings in the queue manager were not saved correctly


 What's new in v1.19? 

  • imagereverb working again
  • fixed possible redirection errors with certain sites (such as


What's new in v1.18? 

  • added support for, boxtheclown, imagebam
  • images will be saved with original names when available (such as imagebam)
  • remaining and error image downloads batches now saved to a "retry" folder. This makes it easier to retry problem batches.
  • Queue Manager updated to display and simplify the resubmission of these retry batches
  • auto loading of multiple forum pages
  • Updated Firefox extension (1.18) - now supports Shortcut keys, solved possible BID launch problems.


What's new in v1.17? 

  • cache is now in hours instead of days (save disk space)
  • redirection of source url now handled correctly
  • IE integration now disables cookie sending by default - some users reported problems with the new 1.16 IE integration which sent cookie info. Enable on the option tab if required.
  • Firefox integration - 1.16 and 1.06 extensions now included in installation. v1.16 sends cookie info which may cause problems on some PCs. If FF integration fails with 1.16 please install 1.06
  • Possible startup failure introduced in 1.16 fixed.


What's new in v1.16? 

  • New batch logging feature. BID batch results now logged to a file. View, delete and disable from the BID config tab
  • Summarised batch results now appear in the Queue Manager (See Log tab)
  • Greatly improved cookie handling. Forums and other web sites that authenticate with cookies should work correctly now. Note that FireFox users should install the new 1.16 BID FireFox extension to support this.
  • Thumbnail sizing option added for small, medium and large thumbnails
  • Supports pages with frames (controlled via new load frames option)
  • Option to toggle BID closure after adding to queue
  • Shareavenue files now saved with original filenames (note that the image list will still display the 'garbage' filename, but it will be saved with the correct filename)
  • imagevenue filename clean up updated
  • Support for Gallery2 galleries (will download full sized images from multiple pages)
  • Support added for, blogphotohost, friendster,


What's new in v1.15? 

  • Fixed new keepmyfile download issues
  • Fixed new imagefap multi page gallery download issues
  • support for added
  • support for largeimagehost added
  • Fixed incorrect "base href" handling
  • Cache/queue folder moved out of user's document folder and into appdata folder


What's new in v1.14? 

  • Support for vbulletin forum image attachments
  • Fixed some problems with a few imagevenue images


What's new in v1.13? 

  • Fixed some new issues with imagefap downloads


What's new in v1.12? 

  • Supports sites requiring authentication (usernames/passwords)
  • New download history (keeps last 10 folders saved to)
  • Unique folder names option
  • Supports new imagevenue changes
  • ImageFap now works with IE6 (had to have IE7 previously)
  • Cache handling improved


What's new in v1.11? 

  • Some valid images were incorrectly flagged as invalid (fixed)
  • New retry option for page loading
  • New option to cancel page loading
  • Queue manager now allows system to shutdown
  • Queue manager queue may have stopped processing in some cases
  • Page titles with trailing dots no longer cause an error
  • Various other user interface tweaks


What's new in v1.10? 

  • Download progress display
  • Downloads resumed where possible
  • Thumbnails/Images cached for speedy access
  • Page Title as Folder Name option now generates unique folder names
  • Saving/loading batch now saves/loads download folder info
  • BID's "Add to Queue" button now saves the current batch and sends the saved file to the queue manager instead of just the URL. This means that the batch will be downloaded with all your saved settings instead of using the queue manager defaults.
  • Various small bug fixes and enhancements
  • Error reports disabled


What's new in v1.09? 

  • Improved Vista compatibility (note that UAC must be disabled on Vista for BID / IE integration to work)
  • Select/Deselect images on the list using regular expressions
  • Improved thumbnail/image loading
  • Right click on thumbnail/image preview to save
  • Occasional crashes on exit while downloading fixed
  • Support for new hosts including uploadem
  • Improved ImageFap support


What's new in v1.08? 

  • ImageFap works again!
  • shareapic duplicate image problem fixed

What's new in v1.07? 

  • Now runs correctly under Vista (note that BID IE integration will not work with Vista, use FireFox or Opera instead)
  • ImageFap works again
  • paintedover supported


What's new in v1.06? 

  • New Queue manager - just right click in your browser and "Enqueue" the page/link
  • Web page titles can be used as sub folders
  • fapomatic supported
  • ImageFap problems where image file extensions differ to thumbnail fixed


What's new in v1.05? 

  • Support for ShareAvenue, imagedollar, megaupload, imageshack
  • Improved image locator AI
  • Can now download multi page imagereverb galleries
  • Support for websites that authenticate using cookies (such as forums that require reqistration to view posts)
  • More efficient handling of large batches


What's new in v1.04? 

  • Integrated with Internet Explorer (right click context menu)
  • Integrated with Opera (right click context menu)
  • Integrated with Firefox via FireFox extension (right click context menu)
  • improved unsupported host image findingSupport for normal (direct link to image) galleries

What's new in v1.03? 

  • Support for normal (direct link to image) galleries
  • imagereverb fixed
  • imagecash/usercash redirects automatically resolved
  • xxxdump, keepmyfile, imagebeaver, magicteapot, shareloading added
  • can attempt to download from unsupported hosts (if enabled)


What's new in v1.02? 

  • Cancelling a batch could invalidate image counts
  • Saving/Loading batches could write incorrect image count

What's new in v1.01? 

  • Added support for
  • Count of images downloaded, skipped, errors etc would go wrong at times
  • Added option to only allow auto closure if there were no errors
  • Can now specify how many times to retry a broken download
  • Improved cookie handling
  • Exceptions when trying to start more than 2 instances (unregistered version) fixed
  • Possibly truncated image files are no longer deleted automatically