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If you're looking for WizTree please visit
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WizTree has grown so popular (thousands of downloads per day) that it now has its very own website at!

Please visit the new site for everything WizTree related. Thanks to all of the WizTree users out there. Your feedback and suggestions have helped to make WizTree the best and fastest disk space analyser available for Windows. We love our users! :)

BID has grown so popular that it now has its very own website at! Please update your bookmarks.

Please visit the new site for downloads, updates, beta versions, FAQs, guides, news and everything else that's BID related.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our awesome users for their support over the years. You have helped us to make BID one of the very best image downloaders available on the Internet today. You feedback and suggestions have been invaluable. We love you guys! :)
We still have other great software available here, such as:
  A keyboard utility that makes the typing of accented or any Unicode character really easy. The trial version can be used for as long as you like.
WizFile is a very rapid file search utility. Search for files on your hard drive by name and get the results almost instantly. It uses the same technology as WizTree to scan for files so it's very quick indeed!
Our hugely popular freeware mouse utility that allows your mousewheel to scroll the window under the mouse, even if it's not currently focused. We couldn't live without it.