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SASA ADSL Statistics Analyser : Monitor your ADSL bandwidth usage Print

Please note that Antibody Software no longer provides any support for SASA.

Image Download SASA v1.05 [1.51MB] (Windows version)

License: Shareware, from $6.95 USD. >> CLICK HERE TO BUY <<

Limitations in unregistered version: Only 1 ADSL account may be monitored
If you've lost or misplaced your registration code please click here.




Daily totals graph  Login history Softpedia guarantees that SASA ADSL Statistics Analyser 0.16 is 100% CLEAN, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. 


  • Monitor multiple ADSL accounts quickly and easily
  • Detect fraudulent use of accounts (SASA checks for "overlapped" connection sessions)
  • Automatically generate and send emails to account users when usage reaches predetermined levels (e.g. 50%, 75%, 90%)
  • SASA is the Perfect tool for ISP's managing large numbers of ADSL accounts (SASA is used by many South African ISP's)
  • Export summarised and detailed account usage information directly to Microsoft Excel
  • Works on most SOUTH AFRICAN ADSL accounts


A web browser based version of SASA ("SASA Online") is available here:


SASA will allow you to download and graphically display ADSL usage data from your SAIX or IS based ADSL account (South African ADSL users only). It will also assist you in detecting possible fraudulent use of your account by detecting and highlighting multiple concurrent connections made using your account. If minimized to the system tray hover your mouse over the SASA icon to display summarised up/download figures for the month. 


How to use it
The first time you run it it will prompt you to enter your ADSL account details. Once you've done this click on 'Refresh' to load the current month's data. Switch between the various tabs to view daily summaries, a daily summary bar chart and a login history.

Concurrent Connections 
The "Max Conc Conn" column on the "Daily Totals" tab indicates the maximum number of concurrent connections made using your account by day. The "# Conc. Conn." column on the "Login History" tab shows you how many concurrent connections were active for the particular login session. The "Overlap Time" column shows you the period of time that the login session overlaps with previous login sessions. "Overlapped" logins indicate that your account was already logged in when a new session was started.


Detecting fraudulent use of your ADSL account 
If you are the only one making use of your ADSL account (e.g. one PC or one shared router) then the number of concurrent connections should never exceed one. If you see instances where the number is greater than one it indicates that your account was used by another person (possibly fraudulently) while you were already logged in. In such a case you should contact your service provider and have your account password changed ASAP. Click here for an example of detected multiple concurrent connections.


Will SASA work for my account?
To test if the program will work for your account simply visit and login with your account name and password. If you see stats then it will work (note that this link also works for IS based accounts - try it). Very important: your account must have 1 spare concurrent connection available. If your account only supports 1 concurrent connection or you are currently using all of your account's available concurrent connections then SASA will not be able to extract usage information from SAIX.


So far it has been confirmed to work for the following account types:

cheetah internet solutions
saol (does not work with certain accounts, not sure why)


It will not work on the following account types:




What's new in v1.04?

  • proxy issue when registering fixed.


What's new in v1.03?

  • Email template update issue fixed.


What's new in v1.02?

  • WebAfrica prepaid account support working again


What's new in v1.01? 

  • Support for the generation of automated emails when account usage reaches 3 predefined levels (e.g. 50%, 75%, 90%)
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible
  • User interface freshened up


What's new in v0.17? 

  • Updated to handle new SAIX data changes (reversed date order, swapped session count/lengths)
  • Support for exporting to Excel 2007
  • Support for systems using large fonts
  • Unregistered versions now only allow for 1 account

What's new in v0.16? 
  • SASA can now be registered. Registered versions allow for more  than 5 accounts and do not display banner ads. Please show your support by purchasing a registration code if you make regular use of the program. See the "About" tab within SASA to register.
  • Some minor cosmetic changes

What's new in v0.15? 
  • Fixed problem with WebAfrica prepaid accounts displaying 0 when the remaining balance was larger than 2GB
  • All accounts summary now supports sorting (click on column title),  resizing and reordering of fields (hold ctrl while dragging column)
  • Maximum number of accounts is now limited to 5. If you need more contact us to purchase a customised unlimited version.


What's new in v0.14 beta? 

  • Support for WebAfrica prepaid accounts. If you have such an account then 'prepaid remaining' information will be displayed  on the 'All Accounts Summary' tab. Configure the account type by editing your existing account details or adding a new one.

  • A new 'Data Request Status/Error' field has been added to the 'All Accounts Summary' tab. This is useful when refreshing   multiple accounts as you can see which accounts had their information updated successfully.


What's new in v0.13? 

  • New 'Export Summary' function to export 'All Account Summary' to excel
  • Proxy config did not handle proxy username/password correctly
  • Excel exports now force the page size to A4 to ensure document prints correctly
  • The program name has changed to "SASA: ADSL Stats Analyser". The SAIX in the previous name implied that it only worked for SAIX accounts which is not correct - IS accounts work too
  • Option added to disable SASA from automatically checking for a new version


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