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"Find files on your hard drive - FAST!"

Works on 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10




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WizFile is FREE! However, if you find WizFile useful and would like to help to support further development, you can make a donation. If you're using WizFile in your business please help us out - we're a business too! 


After you make the payment we'll email you a unique "Supporter Code" along with instructions on how to use it to remove the "Donate" button from WizFile. This will be sent to your PayPal email address and the "Alternate Email" address if you entered one. Thank you!


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  • Find files by name on your hard drives almost instantly
  • VERY Fast scanning! WizFile reads the master file table (MFT) directly from NTFS formatted hard drives so it's ready for use very quickly after start up.
  • Search by file name or full path name
  • Multiple search terms supported
  • Wild card file search (* and ? wild cards supported)
  • User defined filters
  • Monitors for file changes while active - your visible file search results will always be up to date
  • Keeps track of folder sizes - any changes made to the file system will automatically update the folder sizes
  • Does not require a separate database file - all file data is kept in memory

 WizFile Filters
 WizFile Filter Configuration
What is WizFile?
WizFile is a very fast file search utility that can find files on your hard drive almost instantly. The entire file system can be quickly sorted by name, size or date. WizFile supports all types of hard drives, hard drive folders and network shares.
What makes WizFile so fast?
When scanning NTFS formatted hard drives (most modern hard drives use this format), WizFile reads the hard drive's Master File Table (MFT) directly from the disk. The MFT is a special hidden file used by the NTFS file system to keep track of all files and folders on a hard drive. Scanning for files this way completely bypasses the operating system (Windows) and provides a huge performance boost.
How to Search
Just start typing and search results will appear. While WizFile is active is will monitor your hard drives for file changes. Any changes that affect the current search results will update on screen as they occur.

Right click on a file to bring up the file's context menu. Click on a file name, pause slightly, then click again to rename it. Double click on a file name to open it using the default Windows method. Double click on the path name to open an explorer window at the file's location. Hold down ALT while double clicking on the file path to open a command prompt at that location.
Use a * (asterisk) to match and one or more characters. Use a ? (question mark) to match any single character. For example, to search for all files that start with the letters "da", type in:

To find all files starting with the letter a with "d" as the 3rd letter, type in:

To file all files with a particular extension, e.g. all mp3 files:

Multiple Search Items (AND/OR)
Separate multiple search terms with a space. The space acts like an "AND" operator. For example to seach for files of type ".mp3" that also contain the word "dance", type in:
*.mp3 dance

If your search term has a space in it use double quotes around it, e.g.:
*.mp3 "dance hits"

Use the vertical pipe (|) symbol as an "OR" operator for multiple search items. E.g. to find all .mp3 and .wav files:

To find all .mp3 and .wav files that contain the word "dance":
*.mp3|*.wav dance
Match File Name Only
If this option is selected the search will only be applied to the file name (the path is not searched)

Match Entire Path
If this option is selected the search will be applied to the entire path. If the search term contains a "\" (backslash) then the search will be performed on the entire path regardless of the current "match" setting. This is slower than a file name only search.

Closing WizFile
The "close" and "minimize" buttons at the top right of the WizFile window will minimize WizFile to the system tray where it will remain active. Double click on the WizFile tray icon to restore WizFile.

To close and exit use the "File->Exit" menu option or press Alt+F4. You can also right click on the tray icon and select "exit".

Start With Windows
Enabled this option to have WizFile start automatically when you log into windows. It will start minimized to the system tray. This option is on by default in the non-portable version. If you're using the portable version and you enable this option please remember to disable it once you're done.
What's new?
WizFile 2.06 (14 November 2018)
  •  WizFile might not always start up correctly when configured to start with Windows (fixed)
WizFile 2.05 (5 September 2018)
  • Windows high DPI scaling support improved (fonts would appear far too large on some PCs when 200% or more scaling was enabled)
  • "Clear search when minimized" option did not toggle on and off correctly (fixed)
  • WizFile would be closed by the task scheduler after 3 days if configured to start with Windows. To correct this please disable the 'Start with Windows' option, then re-enable it. This only has to be done once.
WizFile 2.04 (8 July 2018)
  • 64 bit version might have crashed when displaying message dialogs on certain PCs (fixed)
WizFile 2.03 (6 July 2018)
  • Search result list loading speed increased
  • Reduced CPU use when building results list (could cause audio/video playback to stutter previously)
  • Memory use reduced
  • Improved high DPI support (WizFile might have incorrectly displayed very large text on high DPI screens previously)
  • "Start with windows" option would not start WizFile on laptops running on battery power.
    If you use WizFile on a laptop and want WizFile to start with Windows, then toggle the "start with windows" option off and back on again to correct this problem. This only has to be done once after upgrading to 2.03
  • Portable version will now use the default Windows language (if supported by WizFile) instead of defaulting to English
WizFile 2.02 (20 June 2018)
  • reduced memory use by around 45%
  • Clicking "Clear" will now clear results when even if a non empty custom filter is active
  • New "Clear search when minimized" option added (enabled by default). If enabled, minimizing the window will automatically clear the search results (as if "clear" was clicked)
    (This reduces memory and CPU use to the absolute minimum when WizFile is running in the background)
  • Tray icon would not appear if WizFile configured to start with Windows 
WizFile 2.01 (10 June 2018)
  • File count display might be incorrect if "refresh" used repeatedly very quickly (fixed)
WizFile 2.00 (8 June 2018)
  • Non NTFS drives now supported (will not be selected by default - select them via the "Select Drives..." option)
  • Individual folders/network shares can now be added to the search. Add a folder or network share by selecting "Select Drives..." then "Add folder".
    To add a network share either select it or type in the share name, (e.g. \\servername\sharename) when browsing for a folder to add.
    Note that high speed scanning is only available on NTFS drives - other drive types and folders will be scanned using the regular Windows method.
  • User defined filters now supported. Default filters for ALL, Audio, Video, Images, Compressed, Documents and Executables added.
    Configure filters via the "Filters..." option
  • Double clicking on the "path" will now open an explorer window (same as selecting "Explore Folder" from right click menu)
  • Double clicking on the "path" while holding the ALT key will open a command prompt window at the file's location (same as selecting "Command Prompt Here" from right click menu)
    Double clicking on any other column will open the file using the default Windows method
  • Click on a file name, pause, then click on it again to rename it (or just press F2)
  • "Monitor folder changes" option added (default off). If enabled, WizFile will keep folder sizes updated with any changes that occur within them. If enabled it will cause higher CPU usage when file system is very busy.
  • High DPI support (WizFile fully supports scaling on Windows 10)
  • Searches that include folder names or partial folder names now much faster
  • Background file monitoring improved (folder move operations now detected and processed correctly)
  • On screen results affected by file changes now update with greatly reduced CPU usage
  • Changing "selected drives" while a scan is in progress now works correctly (would not rescan previously)
WizFile 1.06 (19 May 2018)
  • Donate button would not disappear the first time after entering in a supporter code (required PC to be restarted) - fixed.
WizFile 1.05 (18 May 2018)
  • "Monitor file system for changes" option added (on by default)
  • "Minimize to tray when closed" option added (on by default)
  • "Rename" function added (Right click on a file/folder and select "Rename" or press F2)
  • Improved background file monitoring - (less CPU use - better for slower PCs, more reliable)
  • Folder renaming was not being processed correctly (fixed)
  • folders created in the root would not be detected correctly (fixed)
  • New Slovak translation by Vladimír Kubala
WizFile 1.04 (11 April 2018)
  • Background file change monitoring updated to prevent any possible interference with other applications (e.g. renaming operations might have failed while WizFile was active)
  • Searching for certain Unicode characters would fail due to upper/lowercase conversion issues (fixed)
  • Files can now be selected by dragging a rectangle around them
WizFile 1.03 (11 April 2018)
  • Memory use is significantly reduced (especially in the 64 bit version) and it will now attempt to swap out as much memory as possible to the paging file when it's not actively displaying search results. It should have minimal impact on any other memory hungry applications when it's running in the background.
  • Fixed bug that could crash WizFile if a lot of file changes were occurring while viewing a huge result set
WizFile 1.02 (9 April 2018)
  • First official release. Thanks to the following translators:
    Chinese (simplified) (zh_CHS)          
    Chinese (traditional) (zh_CHT)          
    Danish (da)         
    French (fr)         
    German (de)         
    Greek (el)          
    Hungarian (hu)         
    Italian (it)          
    Japanese (ja)         
    Korean (ko)          
    Norwegian (no)          
    Polish (pl)          
    Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR)         
    Russian (ru)         
    Serbian (sr)         
    Spanish (es)          
    Turkish (tr)         
    Ukrainian (uk)         
    Tobias Dideriksen
    Romanos Nianios
    donkichirou, maboroshin
    John-Alex Berglund
    Geraldo Souza
    Dmitry Yerokhin
    Master System PC
    Ismet Cakir

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