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WizKey makes it easy to type accented and other special Unicode characters Print

Click to Download WizKey Download WizKey [1.82MB]

License: Unlimited trial period, $24.95 USD for a single user license. >>> Click here to BUY NOW! <<
Wha'ts new in this version?

"The easy way to type accented and other special characters."

Works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit)


WizKey is a keyboard enhancement utility that makes the typing of accented and other special characters easy. The most common characters can be typed using easy to remember keyboard shortcuts, and less common characters can be selected and searched for by code or name using the built in Unicode character browser.
  • Type accented letters like é, à, ö, and symbols like ©, ∞, € with easy to remember shortcut keys.
  • Works with any Windows application
  • Type any Unicode character supported by your current application's font with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Search for Unicode characters by name or category with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Optionally type the html entity code (e.g. type "& Uuml;" instead of Ü) with the Unicode Character Browser
  • Save time - You'll never need to remember Alt-Key combinations again
  • No need to switch between keyboard input languages - Supports Spanish, German, French, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Portuguese accents and alphabets
  • Define your own keyboard mappings for frequently used characters, words or any other text

Tap the Ctrl Key twice quickly (default hotkey) for the WizKey Main Menu.


WizKey Main Menu with Umlauts selected
WizKey Umlaut Menu


To type letters with umlauts, press Ctrl twice for the WizKey main menu,

then press : (colon), then press the letter

Or just press Ctrl+: (Ctrl+Shift+;) to display the umlaut menu directly, then

press the letter

 Unicode Character Browser Unicode character name search  

Press Ctrl+\ for the Unicode Character Browser.
Search by name or code, then double click or press Enter to type the

selected character.

Search for unicode characters by name or by code. 


While WizKey is active the following keyboard shortcuts will be available from any application:

WizKey Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

To Type



Any Unicode Character 
 Ctrl + \
 to activate the Unicode Character Browser
á, ć, é, ...
(acute accent)
Ctrl + ' 
 then press letter key
ő, ű 
(double acute)Ctrl + “ (Ctrl+Shift+') then press letter key
à, è, ì, ...  
(grace accent)Ctrl + ` then press letter key
â, ĉ, ê, ...  
(circumflex)Ctrl + ^     
 (Ctrl+Shift+6) then press letter key
ä, ë, ï, ...  
(umlaut)Ctrl + : (Ctrl+Shift+;) then press letter key
ã, ĩ, ñ, ...  
Ctrl + ~
 (Ctrl+Shift+`) then press letter key
ą, ç, ę, ...(cedilla/ogonek)Ctrl + ,
 then press letter key
ċ, ė, ġ, ...  (dot)Ctrl + .
 then press letterkey
ı (dotless i)Ctrl + !
 (Ctrl+Shift+1) then press i
ā, ē, ī, ... 
Ctrl + -
 then press letter key
å, ů 
(ring)Ctrl + 0
 (Ctrl+digit 0) then press letter key
ł, ø, ð
(stroke)Ctrl + / then press letter key
œ, æ, ß(ligature) Ctrl + ; then press letter key
č, ď, ě, ...(caron) Ctrl + <
 (Ctrl + Shift + ,) then press letter key
ă, ĕ, ğ, ... (breve)Ctrl + >
 (Ctrl+Shift+.) then press letter key
£, €, ¥, ... (currency)Ctrl + $
 (Ctrl + Shift + 4) then press letterkey

For capital letters hold down shift while pressing the letter key, or turn on Caps Lock.

All these and more special characters are available from the WizKey Main Menu.

What's new in
  • New 'extended extra' key mapping available
  • WizKey might have stopped working after resuming from Windows hibernation (fixed)

What's new in
  • Windows resuming from a low power state would occasionally stop WizKey from working correctly (fixed)
  • On Windows Vista/7 WizKey might suddenly stop working after a few days when 'run as administrator' enabled (fixed)
  • Help pdf document can now be viewed with a non Adobe PDF viewer if installed.

What's new in
  • Laptops running Windows Vista/7 with WizKey set to run 'as administrator' would not start WizKey when starting up on battery power. Switching to battery power would cause WizKey to be closed. This has been fixed.
What's new in
  • WizKey would sometimes not work correctly after the PC resumed from a sleep or low power state (fixed).
What's new in
  • New "run as administrator" option for Windows Vista / 7
    Allows WizKey to work with other elevated applications
  • Wizkey popup windows no longer switch focus away from the currently active window.
    This allows WizKey to work with applications that change their edit states when focus is switched
    e.g. File and folder renaming operations in Windows explorer, Registry key renaming, etc.
  • Improved custom key mapping configuration.
    Combinations of special keys now supported, e.g. {ctrl+shift+a}
  • WizKey will now continue to work after the trial period ends but will pop up a nag screen every 5 hours.

What's new in
  • Added 'Stay on Top' option to Unicode browser - enable this to keep the Unicode browser window active after selecting a character. This is useful when entering more than one character at a time.
What's new in
  • fixed issue with parentheses () when used in custom key mappings
What's new in
  • Added support for custom key mappings
  • possible tray icon related error on start up fixed

 What's new in
  • Fixed possible tray icon error message when shutting down Windows
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