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You can help support WizFile development by purchasing a supporter code.

Use the supporter code to remove the "Donate" button from WizFile.

If you donate $20 or more we'll send you a FREE single user license for WizKey (worth $24.95)

If you have a large organisation, please purchase an Enterprise License for unlimited use of WizFile on all of your organisation's PCs.

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All prices are in US Dollars.

  • Your purchased supporter code may be used on all of your day to day PCs
  • Supporter codes don't expire
  • Enterprise license users receive priority support

Select the amount you want to pay, then click on the "CLICK HERE TO PAY" button to purchase a "supporter code" via PayPal. Large organisations should select an "Enterprise" license for unlimited use of WizFile on all organisation PCs. When the transaction completes, your supporter code will be emailed to your email address (if you entered one), and your PayPal email address.

Your supporter code will be available to you immediately after the PayPal transaction completes and will be displayed in your browser window. To view your supporter code simply select PayPal's 'Return to Antibody Software' link once your transaction is complete.

To use your supporter code, start WizFile, then press F12, then enter in the code.

Click here for the supporter code FAQ.

  • Your supporter code may be used on all of your day to day PCs (where you use WizFile). You don't need to buy additional supporter codes for each PC.
  • Your supporter code does not expire.
  • Enterprise license users receive priority support.
  • Antibody Software never sees your credit card details - payments are processed by PayPal.
  • By buying a supporter code you help us to continually improve and expand WizFile's capabilities. We appreciate your support!

To upgrade your copy of WizFile, simply download the latest version and install over your existing version. Your supporter code license information will be preserved.

Please allow up to two hours after your order has been processed to receive any emails. If your email account has a spam-filter, these emails may be sent to your junk email folder. If you're using a spam filtering service that requires manual email authorization, such as Spam Arrest, please allow up to one business day to receive these emails.

If you have any queries regarding your order please contact us.

If you've lost your code or would like your supporter code resent then please click here to have your supporter code emailed to you.