About WizKey

The easiest way to type accented and Unicode characters in Windows.

What is WizKey?

WizKey is a keyboard enhancement utility that makes the typing of accented and other special characters easy. The most common characters can be typed using easy to remember keyboard shortcuts, and less common characters can be selected and searched for by code or name using the built in Unicode character browser. WizKey can also be configured to support custom user defined key sequences.

WizKey Standard Keyboard Shortcuts

While WizKey is active the following keyboard shortcuts will be available from any application:

To Type



Any Unicode Character 
  Ctrl + \
 to activate the Unicode Character Browser
á, ć, é, ...
(acute accent)
 Ctrl + ' 
 then press letter key
ő, ű 
(double acute) Ctrl + “ (Ctrl+Shift+') then press letter key
à, è, ì, ...  
(grace accent) Ctrl + ` then press letter key
â, ĉ, ê, ...  
(circumflex) Ctrl + ^     
 (Ctrl+Shift+6) then press letter key
ä, ë, ï, ...  
(umlaut) Ctrl + : (Ctrl+Shift+;) then press letter key
ã, ĩ, ñ, ...  
 Ctrl + ~
 (Ctrl+Shift+`) then press letter key
ą, ç, ę, ...(cedilla/ogonek) Ctrl + ,
 then press letter key
ċ, ė, ġ, ...  (dot) Ctrl + .
 then press letterkey
ı (dotless i) Ctrl + !
 (Ctrl+Shift+1) then press i
ā, ē, ī, ... 
 Ctrl + -
 then press letter key
å, ů 
(ring) Ctrl + 0
 (Ctrl+digit 0) then press letter key
ł, ø, ð
(stroke) Ctrl + / then press letter key
œ, æ, ß(ligature)  Ctrl + ; then press letter key
č, ď, ě, ...(caron)  Ctrl + <
 (Ctrl + Shift + ,) then press letter key
ă, ĕ, ğ, ... (breve) Ctrl + >
 (Ctrl+Shift+.) then press letter key
£, €, ¥, ...(currency) Ctrl + $
 (Ctrl + Shift + 4) then press letterkey

For capital letters hold down shift while pressing the letter key, or turn on Caps Lock.

All these and more special characters are also available from the WizKey Main Menu (double tap the CTRL key to activate).